About LaraDan


LaraDan was created by Dany Pellerin. The name comes from a mixture of “Laravel” and “Dany”. And then it sticked even though this is not just about him or Laravel! If you don’t know what Laravel is, it’s an awesome open-source PHP framework which got him interested in the world of web development. He lives in Canada in the province of Quebec so you should be aware that his mother tongue is french. He is passionnate, creative, and has more than enough leadership!

  • As a blogger, Dany wants to offer some tutorials and ideas on different subjects related to his field of work. Thougths, ideas, workflows, it all deserves to be shared among the community.
  • As a developper, he wants to help make the world a better place to live in.

For any request, feel free to contact him at admin@laradan.com.